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100 common conversations in a restaurant (part 1)

Conversations in a restaurant is one of the most requested topic due to its popularity. If you were a diner in a Swedish restaurant, why not try out these conversations when ordering food. If you were to work in a restaurant, the post will help explain what you would commonly hear in this context.

Photo: Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash

1. Hej! Välkomna! Varsågoda och sitt!Hello! Welcome! Please take a sit (applicable for 2 or more people).

2. Hej! Välkommen! Varsågod och sitt! – Hello! Welcome! Please take a sit (applicable for 1 person).

3. Tack! Kan vi få menyn? tack!Thanks! Can we have the menu? Thanks!

4. Absolut! (Ett ögonblick!) Här är vår meny! Varsågod!Absolutely! (One moment!) Here is our menu! You are welcome!

5. Har ni bestämt er?Have you decided?

6. Ja, vi har bestämt oss. Vi tar en röspanna och en regnbåge, tack! – Yes, we have decided. We take röspanna and regnbåge, thanks!

7. Vad vill ni ha att dricka? What do you want to drink?

8. Åh, jag tar gärna ett glas rött vinOh, I take a glass of red wine (gärna is a polite filler which could be directly translated to “please”).

9. Ett glas rött vin, varsågod! A glass of red wine, here you are!

10. Tack så mycket!Thanks a lot!

11. En röspanna och en regnbåge, varsågoda! – röspanna and a regnbåge, here you are!

12. Smaklig måltid!Bon appetit!

13. Smakar det bra? Does it taste fine?

14. Ja, det smakade verkligen bra.Yes, it tastes really good.

15. Kan vi få notan (restaurangnota)? tack!Can we have the bill? Thanks!

16. Vill ni betala tillsammans eller var för sig?Do you want to pay together or separately?

17. Jag betalar för båda.I’m paying for both.

18. Betala ni med kort eller kontant?Are you paying with card or cash?

19. Vi betalar med kort.We are paying with card.

20. Tack, välkomna tillbaka!Thanks, welcome back!


The next part is going to come soon, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the post.

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